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We are going on to familiarize our readers with the latest news on the Nude Female Wrestling Championship! The new gallery with semi-final match comes from Ultimate Surrender.

Today it is time for the battle between strong Dragons and the Goddesses. Both teams acting great and applying many painful wrestling holds. And this is not surprising because the price of win is high. The winner will be faced off against the unbeaten Ninja’s. That’s why all four girls are giving their all while live audience heats the passions and adds more energy to this nude battle.

Enjoy the video of naked female wrestling match here!

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A great middle lesbian wrestling match up, ranked 11th vs ranked 14th.  Holly heart is strong, very strong and is ranked 11th.  She has Tag Team experience and is looking for her first win over a lesser ranked opponent.

Mellanie had her first win against a new rookie, and now faces a higher ranked opponent.  With a win she can jump up 3 ranks.  This match up is a battle of rookies, who has learned more, who wants this win?

Great non-scripted action as both these welterweights battle to see who gets to fuck who!

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Tia Ling is back to Lesbian Wrestling and fit as ever. This tiny 5’1 Asian is all muscle and determination. Tia loves  catfight and with each match her skills increase. Pound for Pound Tia is the most energetic wrestler on the roster.

Ally Ann is a feisty one, with way too much adrenaline. This off the wall bundle of energy will be dangerous once she learns how to control it. She is flexible and willing to take risks. If she sticks with it, one day this bundle of raw power will be a force to recon with.

A great win for the returning Veteran. Jade gives this 19yr old the fucking of her life. After tying her hands behind her back, Jade just abuses the fuck out of the loser.

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It all comes down to this one match for both of these teams. If the Goddesses win, they will go to the playoffs and face The Dragons. If Team Ice wins there will be a 3 way tie for 3rd place, and they will win the tie breaker (highest points for the season) and they will make the playoffs.

The whole season all riding on one match up! Winner moves forward, loser goes home with nothing.

Angelica Saige vs Dia Zerva

Angelica Saige lesbian wrestling

dia zerva lesbian wrestling

lesbian wrestling

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Dia Zerva was stunned at her loss in the Lesbian Wrestling Summer Vengeance tournament to Areil X.  Now it’s time to start all over, and fight her way back to the tournament.  Dia has increased her “off the mat” training.

Angelica Sage is 20 yr old beauty!  Brand new to the industry, this athletic girl begged for us to let her wrestle.  We will be seeing more of Angelica over the months.

Our Ex-Marine totally dominated poor Angelica.  Angelica thought because she was bigger she could easily win.  The rookie always learn the hard way that experience will always beat size.

Lesbian Wrestling. Watch now!

Real female wrestling TAG TEAM sex action!

Real female wrestling TAG TEAM sex action!

Welcome to Ultimate Surrender’s Lesbian WRESTLING 2009 Tag Team League.
The Dragons vs Team Ice. Four girls,non-scripted, real tag team action.

The Dragons are undefeated, healthy and look unstoppable.   They are the lightest and smallest tag team in the league.  Who says size matters?

Team Ice:  This team says size matters: they are the big bullies of US.  No team outweighs them and every team fears them.  However as a team they have yet to win a match, so this is a must win for Team Ice.

lesbian wrestling

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Girl next door can’t stop her opponent from fingering her during Lesbian Wrestling

Girl next door can't stop her opponent from fingering her during Lesbian Wrestling

Ariel X was last season’s over all Champion, you watched her over the last two weeks kick some serious ass. Now she gets to do what she does best:  kick the ass of a new girl and finger her at will while teaching the rookie moves and helping her grow as a wrestler here at Lesbian Wrestling.

Savannah thinks she is tough and honestly thinks she might win.  She is very strong- grew up with brothers and considers herself a bit rugged. She has no idea what is really in store for her.

Savannah gets her ass kicked and finds out what getting fucked really means.  Ariel X fucks the shit out of our new rookie.  After fucking her into the mat, Ariel takes her bands and ties up Savannah, then makes her cum over and over with a vibrator until poor Savannah is begging for it to stop.  Welcome to US Savannah.

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Real non-scripted nude lesbian wrestling

Real non-scripted nude lesbian wrestling

Darling had a great season, training hard and presenting very much improvement. Her only loss was to Dia Zerva and that was only by 38pts.  Darling has the stamina to wear out Vendetta, but does she accept the size and durability to hang on?

Vendetta had additional successful year, and would like to* win her second championship, That’s completely we have to enjoin about that.

Warning:  Ultimate Surrender is an intense, non-scripted, wrestling site.  We never know what’s going to happen, and everything that does happen is all too real. We do what we can to prevent injury and keep the wrestlers safe, but sometimes life happens.

Real non-scripted nude lesbian wrestling

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Lesbian wrestling.Blonds catfight in real un-scritped action, loser fucked!

Lesbian wrestling.Blonds catfight in real un-scritped action, loser fucked!

Darling is undefeated this Lesbian Wrestling season and has over 16 regular season matches to her name.  No other wrestler can surpass her dedication and training for this site.  Darling’s only disadvantage is her weight, at only 115 lbs she comes in lighter then 70% of our wrestlers.
Dia is also undefeated this season. Dia is the full package, she has experience, skills and weight. Her training matches Darling in terms of what wrestlers do off the mat.
This is a championship caliber match up, a gift before the Summer Vengeance Tournament starts in June.  This could very well be a glimpse of what the final match might be in August!

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