Muscled black women kicks little white girl’s ass, then fucks it!

Muscled black women kicks little white girl's ass, then fucks it!

The Rogue is back to Lesbian Wrestling after directing her Tag Team to third position in the 2008 season.  She’s great to come back into the individual match style and looks forward to the tourney, only 1st she’s to get past The Wildcat.
A lot of believe that Yana is underrated.  Many think she’s more effective then what we have seen til now.  This match will tell us what we ask to know about the Wildcat.
With Amber giving up 27lbs to a powerful Wildcat, will her experience be enough to stop an ass fucking in RD4?  Amber puts up a good fight, but cruel leg scissors sap the strength from her as Yana accepts what she desires from her teenier opponent.

Real competitive lesbian wrestling at its best!