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A great middle lesbian wrestling match up, ranked 11th vs ranked 14th.  Holly heart is strong, very strong and is ranked 11th.  She has Tag Team experience and is looking for her first win over a lesser ranked opponent.

Mellanie had her first win against a new rookie, and now faces a higher ranked opponent.  With a win she can jump up 3 ranks.  This match up is a battle of rookies, who has learned more, who wants this win?

Great non-scripted action as both these welterweights battle to see who gets to fuck who!

With the loser getting humiliated and fucked! Preview Real Catfight Action video!

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Mellanie has been given some pretty tough opponents for her rookie year.  We call it tough love: get your ass kicked by the best so you learn from the best.  Then, one day, you earn the right to fight your very own new girl.  Did The Cowgirl learn anything at all from her many crushing defeats?

Welcome Maggie Mayhem to Ultimate Surrender, this local fetish model is one tough cookie.  She is a submissive and is used to taking pain and punishment, so fear is the last thing on her mind entering the mat.  Maggie is strong, and doesn’t think for a second that this big titted girl from Texas will pose any threat to her at all. Maggie is a tough San Fransisco girl that doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Two hot girls wrestle to see who gets fucked by the other! Non-scripted!

Every year about this time the membership starts chirping about putting the girls with just one match up against an opponent they might be able to beat. Wouldn’t that be a great match! They will learn so much! Wrestler are not going to learn how to wrestle if they wrestle good opponents, they have to wrestle girls of their own experience

The Membership has gotten its wish! Do not miss this weeks battle from hell, 24 minutes of pure unadulterated carnage on a biblical scale. Nothing in your short life has prepared you for the brutal devastation and complete annihilation that you will witness!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!!!!

The winners strap on and fuck the loser in front of the live audience

The wrestling is over and the Dragons are victorious! To the winners comes the spoils: they get to brutally fuck and humiliate the losers in front of the live audience. It wasn’t enough to get beaten in front of all those people; now the losers get fucked and made to cum. I wonder which loser gets fucked in the ass…

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The Dragon is back. This highly skilled hot Asian is ranked 1st, and is this years wrestler to beat. The Dragon’s speed, skill, and array of moves is unmatched. This sexy beast knows how to handle the rookies, and then turn it up a notch to destroy the veterans. Fear her.

Tara Lynn Fox, is one of the sexiest and cutest 19yr olds we have on the roster. She has a great spirit, attitude and a sports background. Every match this girl gets better and better. Her next match will be with another rookie to see just how far she has come.

The Dragon likes to play and toy with her opponents. Tara is just a plaything for the Dragon, as the Dragon buries fingers in the pussy early and often. Round 4 the Dragon takes this little 19yr old’s ass and fucks it nice and deep.

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Ladies Wrestling Catfight

Welcome to Tag Team Lesbian Wrestling. This is round 1 of 4 of the December match up between The Dragons and the Goddesses. This is the Semi-Final match.

It’s all on the line. The winner of this match goes to the Live Championship match up being shot and shown live on January 22nd. The winner of this match will face off against the undefeated Ninja’s!

Some great action and holds took place in Round One of this amazing match. Both teams trying to find the other’s weakness, trying to maximize their tags. The live audience adds to the energy and all four girls are sweating and giving their all. Which team will take the lead into the second round, which team got finger fucked the hardest on the mat? Which team wants it more?

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Tia Ling is back to Lesbian Wrestling and fit as ever. This tiny 5’1 Asian is all muscle and determination. Tia loves  catfight and with each match her skills increase. Pound for Pound Tia is the most energetic wrestler on the roster.

Ally Ann is a feisty one, with way too much adrenaline. This off the wall bundle of energy will be dangerous once she learns how to control it. She is flexible and willing to take risks. If she sticks with it, one day this bundle of raw power will be a force to recon with.

A great win for the returning Veteran. Jade gives this 19yr old the fucking of her life. After tying her hands behind her back, Jade just abuses the fuck out of the loser.

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New girl Ashley Coda gets turned into a  lesbian pain slut by Nika Noire. At first she is confused and doesn’t know how to react to pain or domination. Nika’s fierce flogging and spanking puts an end to Ashley’s confusion and she learns to submit. Used like a sex toy, she worships Nika’s large breasts and ass. Put into bondage for the first time ever, Ashley gets strapon fucked and made to come hard!

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It all comes down to this one match for both of these teams. If the Goddesses win, they will go to the playoffs and face The Dragons. If Team Ice wins there will be a 3 way tie for 3rd place, and they will win the tie breaker (highest points for the season) and they will make the playoffs.

The whole season all riding on one match up! Winner moves forward, loser goes home with nothing.